Emergency Water Services (24hrs)


When you consider the absolute importance of pure water, it is easy to see how we have become one of Alberta’s essential services.

We are registered on several emergency call lists for both the City of Calgary as well as most of the towns in the surrounding areas.

When a water emergency arises, Big Rock is one of the first responders. During the winter months, frozen water lines can become a serious problem. Big Rock Water can provide an emergency potable/drinking supply to feed water to your home, trailer, and/or business.

Our emergency water supply trailers are outfitted with water storage tanks, pumps and proper hoses and fittings. They can be plumbed directly into you home, trailer, and/or business. All Emergency water supply trailers are heated to combat those freezing winter temperatures.

We drop them off, fill them up, service them, and pick them up when you are done.

Water Volume Calculator

Water Volume Calculator

Calculate how much water you require:
(Cisterns, Pools & Hot tubs, and Skating rinks)