Big Rock Water Hauling Services

Big Rock Water Hauling offers all types of of water hauling but we are best known for our quality service. It is in this area we truly deliver.

We have established ourselves as one of the premier water carriers in the greater Calgary area. This record of service has been accomplished by good old-fashioned hard work and dedicated attention to our customers. Our experienced and dedicated drivers operating well maintained trucks are ready to deliver what you need. Our office staff is ready to answer your call. You never need to wonder if we are going to make your delivery or not. Each of our trucks are equipped with state of the art GPS tracking systems so the dispatcher knows exactly where they are and when they will be at your yard. 

Acreage Cisterns and Residential Water

home-fillDrinking water is all we haul. All of the trucks are properly rigged for the safe delivery of pure potable water. They each receive regular quality inspections, and water samples are submitted to the Alberta Health Board on a regular basis. Hoses and pumps are maintained in clean and safe condition, and we load only from properly accredited facilities with pure clean water.

We offer bulk water delivery for any purpose. These can include but are not limited to cistern and tank filling at residential, restaurants, golf courses, industrial camp locations, and campgrounds. 

Construction Sites

The same quality delivery service is also applied to commercial delivery for a multitude of uses – from tank filling at construction job sites, wash cars for bathroom facilities as well as dust control. All trucks are equipped with rear water spraying devices along with cab-controlled valve operation. High pressure fire nozzles are provided for spraying and for use with dust controlling during demolition projects.

  • Demolition and dust control
  • Site compaction

Tank rental


  • Big Rock rents water tanks for your acreage, construction site, event or as emergency back-up
  • We drop them, fill them, service them and pick them up when you are done


Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs

home-fillBig Rock can fill your hot tub and swimming pools and save you money on your water and sewer bills. Pure clean water is essential for this type of delivery, and no matter the size, shape or location, we can handle your delivery.
Having a problem calculating home much water you need? Try our volume calculator


Skating Rinks

home-fillHealthy outdoor recreation is important in winter, but filling your skating rink with a garden hose is a slow, labourious job. Big Rock Water Hauling can fill your rink quickly and efficiently to provide you and your family the best skating surface all winter long.

Need some help with building your own skating rink? Check out or article How to Build a Professional Skating Rink on a “Do-it-Yourself” Budget

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General Water Hauling

Big Rock water is your local potable water delivery company. We are here for you, for all your potable water needs. If you need water for any reason, we will deliver it to you.

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Golf course, fire control, emergency water and industrial cleaning
  • Livestock watering and arena spraying
  • Sporting events – drinking water as well as washing services for participants and viewers. We have smaller water tank rentals as well for these purposes
  • Tree and sod watering – dependable delivery and careful attention is essential to protect your investments in landscaping at your locations. We also provide water for pond and waterfall upkeep


Special Services

When you consider the absolute importance of pure water, it is easy to see how we have become one of Alberta’s essential services. We are registered on a number of emergency call lists for both the City of Calgary as well as most of the towns in the surrounding area. When an emergency arises, Big Rock is one of the first responders. We have also been involved in a number of projects to provide backup support (water tendering) for firefighting at rail car accidents and wild grass fires.